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Pluralist Company "Dope For Sale" T-Shirt

Pluralist Company "Dope For Sale" T-Shirt

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In the city of commercial billboards and expansive culture, Los Angeles has been a melting pot for creativity. Being a young black creative, I have often seen street culture, black culture, and “outsider thinking" stripped, exploited, and stolen by spectators to be used as free entertainment. Way too often our image is sold to the lowest bidder yet the un- originators still pull a profit from our creativity. It was only 57 years ago that African American outsiders were restricted to a “colored only” lifestyle set by the laws of Jim Crow.
Now, years later, both black and street culture have become the most quantifiable and commercially exploited culture in the world. 

This collection is based on reimagining Jim Crow laws in our current climate. “There is a price that comes with our influence” and, “Dope for sale” is dedicated to acknowledging our value as originators and trendsetters.
The Pluralist Company "Dope For Sale" Collection is an exclusive release from @iamaugieray utilizing his fine art as part of a very limited run to make a bold statement .

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