Bio:"I AM Augie Ray is a Grammy-winning, fine audio, mixed-media visual artist, author, and hip hop professor at Cal State Northridge. He has worked with some of the music industry’s most iconic artists such as: Rhianna, Sir Elton John, Dj Mustard and more. Often defining himself as a “Pluralist” by using his skills in tandem, Augie views the world through abundance and opportunity following his mantra, “ I am all things!” With an extensive background in music production, Augie has been able to transmute his talents into visual art, opening viewers and listener alike to his raw, introspective aesthetic. Augie draws inspiration from masters such as Jean Michel Basquiat , Picasco, George Condo, and Jacob Lawrence. Through Augie’s artistic exploration, he has been able to find security and purpose in being unapologetically true to himself through all his chosen forms of expression."